Sammy Seahorse

The star of the Show at Hoburne, Torbay is Sammy Seahorse, who together with his best friends, Tommy The Turtle and Larry The Lobster are here to make sure the little ones have a great caravan holiday too. They love to make new friends and have loads of fun at Hoburne!

Sammy he's our number 1 Sammy he's a bundle of fun Sammy he's the star of the show It's time for Sammy to go, go, go!

Sammy and his friends, Tommy Turtle & Larry Lobster will be joining in the on park games and activities and will be performing in their all-singing, all-dancing character shows here at Hoburne. They have their very own wacky songs and dances and often invite the children staying at the  park to be part of the show where they get the opportunity to collect all the badges that Sammy, Larry & Tommy have created.

During Peak Season a friendly competition between The Lobsters & The Turtles gives all the Kids on the caravan holiday Park the opportunity to be included in Sammy's Gang. Here at Hoburne Devon Bay there are prizes, awards and certificates to win by playing fun party games and through dance and talent contests, both day and evening, all in an effort to gain the highest score of the week for the team. How many new friends will they make on their Paignton caravan holiday?

Children aged 4 -11 years old who think seahorses are really cool.